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About GePaSo Products

Hi, my name is Vicki and Welcome to the GePaSo website and Just Natural Bird Products.

Named after the original owners: Geoff, Paul and Sonia (hence GePaSo), Just Natural Bird Products has been handed down to the next generation of bird/parrot lovers.  Personally trained and selected by the wise three above, the quality of all products will remain a high standard with as much, if not more passion personally going into each item.  After years of producing these natural bird products Geoff, Paul and Sonia have decided to retire and enjoy their remaining time with their fifteen plus companion parrots and numerous adopted/saved aviary birds.  Well done to Geoff, Paul and Sonia for starting this amazing natural bird toy business and thank you for providing all of Australia with fantastic bird products that are safe, durable and natural.

Not new to the parrot world, my background consists of nurturing and caring for birds, educating (new and old) clients on health and behaviour aspects and producing much loved parrot safe toys.  My experience with the avian world all started when I volunteered at a bird boarding facility during the completion of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology at The University of Melbourne 15 years ago and it simply grew from there. Working at the bird boarding facility was both amazing and educational. You can study and read as many books as you like but nothing compares to hand on experience and that is what I enjoyed the most.  Everyday brought new challenges and introductions to new feathered friends.  Whether a small Budgerigar or a Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, each personality left me smiling (and sometimes frustrated) but always wanting to come back for more. 

The most invaluable knowledge I learned during my seven year employment at the bird boarding facility was the devastation that a so called 'bird toy' could cause to a much loved companion feathered friend. My passion for caring and training birds then turned to providing birds with true 'birds safe products' and the education between what is or is not safe for our much loved and adorable feathered family members.  This led me to the Melbourne based business 'My Parrot Shop' where I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last seven years combining knowledge of bird anatomy, behaviour, foraging techniques and nutrition with the latest avian veterinarian research to help supply safe bird products (Thank you Caroline for imparting your love and wisdom of everything avian to me). Still part-time at My Parrot Shop (many know me as the voice on the other end of the phone or email response) my passion for our avian delights is strong as ever.

When hearing that Gepaso Just Natural Bird Toys was finding it difficult to keep up with demand combined with personal circumstances, it was only natural that years of friendship would lead to acquiring this amazing business.  A majority of the Just Natural range have been tested by their very own Blue and Gold Macaws, Alexandrines, Ringnecks, Galahs, Quakers, Conures, Cockatiels, Budgies, Lorikeets and Cockatoo's of all types just to name a few.

Among the woods used for Just Natural Bird Products are black wattle, pine, hakea, gums, paper bark and tee tree. Some of the seed pods used are pine cone, banksia, gum nuts, hakea, sheoaks and many others.  All branches and seed pods are gathered with permission and sourced from local council 'trim backs', local backyards and naturally fallen trees.  All metal fittings and joineries are bird safe stainless steel.

Knowledge results from communication, sharing and advise. To improve all of our knowledge regarding our beloved feather friends; whether companion or aviary, any form of feedback regarding your feathered family member or Just Naturals Products would be greatly appreciated.

We all learn something new everyday!

All we ask of you is too monitor your birds play with any new product and keep maintenance of toys up when required. 

So have fun choosing from the Just Natural Bird Products.

Now - let the swinging, chewing, tossing and hours of fun begin!

Best Regards