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Elmo is an important member of our family and we want her to be as happy as if she was in her natural surrounds. To ensure that she is never bored we have always given her lots of toys. But we worried that they weren’t safe, that some of them were toxic and that she wasn’t happy with them.

Imagine how happy we were to discover “Just natural bird toys”. Made from a variety of Australian woods, such as Stringy Bark and Black Wattle, they create an environment for Elmo that almost replicates the experiences she would have in her natural surrounds.

We love Elmo and now she is so contented with “Just Natural bird toys” products I am sure she even smiles at me in a Lorikeet kind of way. She now exercises lots more, talks all the time with an ever increasing vocabulary, and I am pretty sure that even her feathers are shinier.

And one of the best things about these great toys is that they are virtually indestructible so that we never have to throw out her favourite toy. She now ignores all her other toys, happily playing all day with “Just Natural’s Stepper and Twirl with Chew.

With “Just Natural bird toys” I am confident that I have done my very best to make her a happy and contented Lorikeet.

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